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Math Assignment Class XII Ch-2 | Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Maths Assignment | Class 12 | Chapter - 2 
Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Important questions on Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Maths Assignment on trigonometric functions, extra questions on inverse trigonometric functions class XII chapter 2

Important steps that students need to do
  • First of all students should learn and  revise all basic concepts and formulas of Inverse Trigonometric Functions.
  • Revise Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions from  NCERT book of Mathematics.
  • Revise all examples of chapter 2 of  NCERT book.
  • Now start the Assignment.
Assignment on Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Question 1: Find the Principal Value of the following functions

Question 2:
Find the value of :

Question 3: Find the value of the following

Question 4: Find the value of the following

Question 5: Find the value of the following

Question 6: Find the value of the following

Question 7: Write the following functions in the simplest form

Question 8: Simplify the followings

Question 9: Find the value of x if

Question 10: Prove that

Question 11: Prove that


Now Let:

Equations (1), (2) and (3) proves the given statement

Question 12: Prove the following

Question 13: Prove the following

Question 14: Find the value of x if

Question 15: Find the value of the following

Question 16: Solve for the value of x

Question 17:

then find the value of θ

Q 18. Simplifying the following

Solution (ii):

Question 19:

Solution :




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