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CBSE Mathematics is an educational blog for students who want to learn mathematics and for teachers who want to teach mathematics. Everyone says that Mathematics is a tough subject. But according to my views mathematics is a technical subject. It needs some techniques which are helpful in learning mathematics. Through this blog I want to present mathematics in an easy and systematic way, so that students start taking interest in mathematics.

I am Dinesh Kumar,  PGT Mathematics. I am from Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh. My whole education is from Himachal Pradesh. I completed my Post Graduation in Mathematics from HP University Shimla. At present I am working as a PGT Mathematics in RMB DAV CENTENARY PUBLIC SCHOOL NAWANSHAHR since 2006. 

Some definitions of mathematics
Mathematics has no generally accepted definition. All proposed definitions are controversial in their own ways. Here are some definitions of mathematics.

1) Mathematics is a mental activity which consists in carrying out, one after the other, those mental constructions which are inductive and effective.
2) Mathematics is the classification and study of all possible patterns.
3) Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.
4) Mathematics is the manipulation of the meaningless symbols of a first-order language according to explicit, syntactical rules.
5) Mathematics is the science of all sciences and art of all arts.

Basic Points and Formulas in Mathematics
Learning the Mathematics formula is a great challenge in front of the students. In this blog we write the posts on mathematics formulas and basic points which are very easy to understand for the learners. All basics points and formulas are written topic wise and chapter wise for the students up to 12th standard.

Mathematics Assignments
After learning basic points and formulas students need to apply these in different problems. Here we provide chapter wise assignments to the students from class 9th to 12th standard. These assignments cover each and every aspect of the topic, so that students get complete knowledge about the topic. Answers of the questions and hints for the solution of difficult questions are also given so that students feel no problem in solving the assignments.

Mathematics Lesson Plan
For teaching mathematics it is necessary to plan the lesson in advance. Here we provide chapter-wise E-lesson planning in mathematics for the teachers who are working in the field of mathematics. These lesson plans also contain internal links to the related basic points, formulas and assignments, so that the reader faces no difficulty while planning the lesson.

I have total  three Blogs, two in English and one in Hindi language. CBSE Mathematics (https://cbsemathematics.com)  is my first blog. Second blog is specially on Lesson Plan in Mathematics (https://lessonplan51.blogspot.com). Third blog is an Hindi Blog which contains Hindi Poems Inspirational thoughts and Hindi Shayari (https://hindiyaden.blogspot.com

I started blogging in October, 2018. I published my first blog on 5th October, 2018. My First blog is on the Number System. Now there are more than 130 posts on this blog. By studying and reading these posts one can become an expert in mathematics. All posts are written with proper understanding and in easy language.

Inspiration for writing first blog
Before writing my first blog I didn't know anything about blogging and didn't know any blogger.  I am a mathematics teacher and have no knowledge about computer. By teaching mathematics regularly , I developed a habit to learn something new, so I learned some basics of operating computer which are necessary in the field of teaching in the school. But I want to do something new for my students. One day while I was searching something new on youtube I came to know about blogging and decided to start a blog on mathematics.

In my first blog I write 18 posts. After that I came to know that maths equations cannot be written on the blog posts. I am disappointed due to this because my blog is on mathematics and without math equations it is not possible to move further. I again started searching and learning and made some changes in the html of the blog theme. By doing so my blog started misbehaving and I thought that everything is lost now. I wait for few days and then decide to create a new blog. Now I create CBSE Mathematics with an URL : https://dinesh51.blogspot.com. I also got success in writing the maths equations on this blog. 

After few days I purchased a new domain https://www.cbsemathematics.com from google. At present there are more than 130 posts on this blog. I again applied for google Adsense and after few days I got adsense approval from google.

Google News Publishers

One day while I was watching  Mr. Pawan Aggarwal on YouTube channel, I heard about Google News for the first time in March, 2021. I submitted my blog at Google News Publisher but after two days I got an email with about 6 objections. I removed all those objections and submitted it again for review. Then after two days I saw that my blog is active on Google News Publishers.

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact me at  mathsdin387@gmail.com


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