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CBSE Assignments class 09 Mathematics

  Mathematics Assignments & Worksheets  For  Class IX Chapter-wise mathematics assignment for class 09. Important and useful extra questions strictly according to the CBSE syllabus and pattern with answer key CBSE Mathematics is a very good platform for the students and is contain the assignments for the students from 9 th  to 12 th  standard.  Here students can find very useful content which is very helpful to handle final examinations effectively.  For better understanding of the topic students should revise NCERT book with all examples and then start solving the chapter-wise assignments.  These assignments cover all the topics and are strictly according to the CBSE syllabus.  With the help of these assignments students can easily achieve the examination level and  can reach at the maximum height. Class 09 Mathematics    Assignment Case Study Based Questions Class IX 

Math Assignment Class XII Ch-5 | Derivatives

Math Assignment Class XII Chapter 5 Derivatives   Question 1 Use chain rule to find the derivative of \[y=\left ( \frac{2x-1}{2x+1} \right )^{2} \;\;\; Ans.1: \frac{8(2x-1)}{(2x+1)^{3}}\] Question 2 .  Differentiate the following w.r.t. x \[y=log_{10}x+ log_{x}10+log_{x}x+ log_{10}10 \] Answer 2 \[ \frac{dy}{dx}=\frac{1}{xlog10}-\frac{log10}{x(logx)^{2}} \] Hint for the solution: \[\frac{logx}{log10}+\frac{log10}{logx}+\frac{logx}{logx}+\frac{log10}{log10} \]\[=\frac{logx}{log10}+\frac{log10}{logx}+1+1\] Now differentiating w. r. t. x and taking log10 as constant. Question 3 . Differentiate the following w. r. t. x at x = 1\[y=e^{x(1+logx)}\; \; \; \; \; \; \; \;........\: \: Ans.[2e]\] Question 4 . \[ If\: \frac{x}{x-y}=log\frac{a}{x-y},\: then\: prove\: that\: \frac{dy}{dx}=\frac{2y-x}{y}\] Question 5 : Differentiate log(x  e x )  w. r. t.   xlogx.  Answer 5: \[ \frac{1+x}{x(1+logx)}\] Question 6 : Differentiate x 2 w. r. t. x 3 .        ...........    Ans:  2/3x. Question 7 : \[

Application of Integrals Chapter 8 Class 12

Application of Integrals  Class 12 Chapter 8 Method of finding the area under the curve, explanation with different examples Introduction: In geometry, we have learnt formulas to calculate areas of various geometrical figures including triangles, rectangles, trapezium and circles. However they are inadequate for calculating the areas enclosed by curves. Now we shall study a specific application of integrals to find the area under simple curves, area between lines and arcs of circles, parabola and ellipses. Method of taking the limits: If limit is taken on the x-axis, then find the value of y in terms of x. If   limit is taken on the y- axis, then find the value of x in terms of y. Algorithm First of all find the limits on the x-axis or on the y-axis. If limit is on the x-axis, then find the value of y in terms of x. If limit is on the y-axis, then find the value of x in terms of y. Find the area under the curve by integrating the given function in the respective lim

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