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Mathematics Class 10 Lab Manual | 21 Lab Activities

Mathematics Lab Manual Class X

 lab activities for class 10 with complete observation Tables strictly according to the CBSE syllabus also very useful & helpful for the students and teachers.

General instructions
  • All these activities are strictly according to the CBSE syllabus.
  • Students need to complete atleast 15 activity from the list of 21 activities.
  • Students can make their own selection.

Method of writing the Activities:

While writing the activities on the notebook , students should write according to the following headings

Plane Side of the page 

Side of the Page with lines


Material Required

Diagrams or Activity




Material Required

Theory (If any)



Applications (If any)


Mathematics Lab Manual Class - 10

Chapter-2 quadratic polynomial

Activity-1 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo draw the graph of a quadratic polynomial and observe:

(i) The shape of the curve when the coefficient of x2 is positive.

(ii) The shape of the curve when the coefficient of x2  is negative.

(iii) Its number of zeroes.

Chapter-3 pair of linear equations in two variable

Activity-2 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify the conditions of consistency/ inconsistency for a pair of linear equations in two variables by graphical method.

Chapter-4 quadratic equations

Activity-3 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo obtain the solution of a quadratic equation (x2 + 4x = 60) by completing the square geometrically.

Chapter-5 arithmatic progression

Activity-4 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo identify Arithmetic Progressions in some given lists of numbers (patterns).

Activity-5 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the sum of first n natural numbers.

Activity-6 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the sum of the first n odd natural numbers.

Activity-7 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the sum of the first n-even natural numbers.

Activity-8 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo establish a formula for the sum of first n terms of an Arithmetic Progression.

Chapter-6 Similarity of triangles

Activity-9 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo establish the criteria for similarity of two triangles.

Activity-10 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo draw a system of similar squares, using two intersecting strips with nails.

Activity-11 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify Basic Proportionality Theorem (Thales theorem).

Chapter-7 coordinate geometry

Activity-12 : Click Here

Objective:To verify the distance formula by graphical method.

Activity-13 : Click Here

To verify section formula by graphical method.

Chapter-09 application of trigonometry

Activity-14 : Click Here

Objective: To find the height of a building using a clinometer.

Chapter-10 tangent to a circle

Activity-15 : HereClick 

Objective.To verify experimentally that the tangent at any point to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through that point.

Activity-16 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify that the lengths of tangents to a circle from some external point are equal.

Chapter-11 Area Related to circle

Activity-17 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo obtain formula for area of a circle experimentally.

Chapter-12 surface area and volume

Activity-18 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo form a cone from a sector of a circle and to find the formula for its curved surface area.

Activity-19 : Click Here

Objective: To find the relationship among the volumes of a right circular cone, a hemisphere and a right circular cylinder of equal radii and equal heights.

Chapter-14 probability

Activity-20 : Click Here

Objective: To determine experimental probability of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 by throwing a die 500 times and compare them with their theoretical probabilities.

Activity-21 : Click Here

Objective: To determine experimental probability of a head (or a tail) by tossing a coin 1000 times and compare it with its theoretical probability.



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