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Relation and Functions Class XII Chapter 1

Class 12  chapter 1 Relations and functions Basic concepts of topic relations and functions class XII chapter 1 of mathematics. Equivalence relations, different types of functions, composition and inverse of functions.

Relation & Functions Chapter 2 Class 11

Relation & Functions Basic concepts on relations and functions chapter 2 of class 11, basic point based on the topic relation and functions. Different types of functions and their graphs. Introduction In our daily life we come across different types of relations like brother and sister, father and son, husband and wife etc.  Topics to be discussed Here Ordered Pair Cartesian Product of two sets Relations complete explanations. Domain, Range and Co-domain of relations. Functions and Different types of functions. Graphs of the Functions. Undefined Terms. Cartesian Product of two sets If A and B are two sets then Cartesian product A X B is the set of all ordered pairs of elements from A to B, i.e.           A X B = { (a, b) : a ∈ A, b ∈ B } First element of all the ordered pair  belongs to set A and second element belongs to set B. If either A or B is a null set, then A X B will also be  empty set. In this case we can write A X B = φ

Set Theory Chapter 1 Class 11 Basics Concepts

Set Theory, Chapter1, Class-11 Basic concepts and formulas based on set theory chapter 1 cbse class 11. Useful and important points based on set theory. Revision notes of chapter 1 class 11 set theory.

Math Assignment Ch-2 Class X | Polynomials

Mathematics Assignment    Important and useful questions on quadratic polynomial, Extra questions based on quadratic polynomial class 10 for the examination point of view. A complete and useful assignment on quadratic polynomial.    

Math Assignment Class IX Ch -1| Number System

Maths Assignment   Class 9th Chapter 1 Math Assignment for Class IX Ch -1, Number System strictly  according to the CBSE syllabus. Extra questions based on the topic Number System.  MATHEMATICS ASSIGNMENT CLASS IX  NUMBER SYSTEM

Linear Inequality Class 11 | Ch - 5

Linear Inequalities Class - 11 Basic concepts based on linear inequalities chapter 5 class XI. Important points and revision notes on linear inequalities. Definition :   If any two numbers or algebraic ex pressions are related with four symbols like    < , > ,  ≤ and    ≥   form an inequality. If degree of the algebraic expression is 1 then it is called a linear inequality. For example   2x - 3  ≤   5,        2x+ 3 >   5   are the linear inequalities. Solutions of linear inequility :- Real solutions of inequality are represented in the form of   intervals. Intervals   are of 4 types 1. Open interval  written as        (     ) 2. Close Interval  written as       [    ] 3.   Semi open or semi close interval  written as    (     ] 4.   Semi open or semi close interval   written as   [      ) * Small square bracket always denote the   open interval. * Capital square bracket represents the close interval. For example      (2, 8) it

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