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Case Study Based Questions Class XII

Case Study Based Questions Class XII  Mathematics Case study questions on Relations & Functions, Matrices, Determinants, Applications of Derivatives, Applications of Integral, Differential equations, Vector Algebra, three dimensional Geometry and Probability etc. CASE STUDY-1 CHAPTER -1  RELATIONS & FUNCTIONS A general election of Lok Sabha is a gigantic exercise. About 911 million people were eligible to vote and voter turnout was about 67%, the highest ever Let I be the set of all citizens of India who were eligible to exercise their voting right in general election held in 2019. A relation ‘R’ is defined on I as follows: R = {( 𝑉 1, 𝑉 2) ∶ 𝑉 1, 𝑉 2 ∈ 𝐼 and both use their voting right in general election – 2019} Q1) Two neighbors X and Y ∈ I. X exercised his voting right while Y did not cast her vote in general election – 2019. Which of the following is true? a) (X, Y) ∈ R b) (Y, X) ∈ R c) (X, X) ∉ R d) (X, Y) ∉ R 2. Mr.’ 𝑋 ’ and his wife ‘ 𝑊 ’b

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