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Vectors Algebra | Chapter 10 | Class XII

Vectors Algebra | Chapter 10 |  Class XII   Note: Click here to open the Assignment on Vector Algebra Chapter 10 Class 12 Topics to be discussed here 1) Scalar and Vector Quantities 2) Different types of vectors 3) Unit Vector and Method of finding unit vector 4) Addition of vectors 5) Properties of vector addition 6) Components of a Vector 7) Method of finding Position Vector :   8)  Direction angles, Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios 9) Section Formula and Mid Point Formula 10) Scalar or Dot product of two vectors 11) Projection of a vector on a line  12) Vector Product (or cross product ) of two Vectors 13) Scalar Triple Product of Vectors 14) Properties of Scalar Triple Product of vectors 15) Volume of a parallelopiped using scalar Triple Product Complete Explanation of the above mentioned topics 1) Scalar and Vector Quantities All physical quantities are divided into two categories :- scalar  quantities and vector quantities. Scalar quantities :- Those physical quantities wh

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