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Class IX Maths Formulas | Basics | Assignments

CBSE Class IX Maths Syllabus and Sample Papers Study Material for Class VIII (8th) CBSE syllabus, sample papers, unit tests and solutions of sample papers, CBSE syllabus for class IX and VIII for all subjects, chapter-wise basic concepts of mathematics for class IX, chapter-wise planning in mathematics for class IX, Study material for class VIII. RESOURCE CENTRE MATHEMATICS

Class XI Maths Formulas | Basics | Assignments

Class XI maths Sample Paper, Assignments and formulas Maths Sample paper for class 10+1, Maths Assignments for class XI, Maths formula's and Basic concepts of class 10+1, Maths Practicals and syllabus for class XI. PDF of assignments and Sample Papers for download for class 10+1 RESOURCE CENTRE MATHEMATICS TEACHER'S NOTES SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS CLASS 11 (Non- Medical and Applied Mathematics Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15   Chapter 16 Applied   Maths     ***************************************   CLASS X1 NEW NCERT BOOK OF MATHEMATICS SESSION 2023-24

Important Unit Conversion in Mathematics

IMPORTANT UNITS CONVERSION  TABLES   IN MATHEMATICS Unit conversion table in mathematics, useful in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Economics and many other field of education and in our daily life. Roman numerals into Hindu arabic, prime numbers from 1 to 120

Proof of Pythagoras Theorem and its Converse

PYTHGORAS THEOREM AND ITS CONVERSE CLASS 10 CHAPTER 6   Proof of Pythagoras theorem and its converse for class X, complete explanation of the Pythagoras theorem and its converse, Statement and proof of Pythagoras theorem class x, statement and proof of converse of Pythagoras theorem.  PROOF OF PYTHAGORAS THEOREM  STATEMENT:-  In a right angled triangle sum of square of two sides of a triangle is equal to the square of the third side. Given:-  In triangle ABC, ∠ B = 90 o To Prove :-  AB 2  + BC 2  = AC 2 Construction:  Draw BD δΈ„ AC Proof:-  In △ ADB and △ ABC ∠ 1 = ∠ 3 ∠ A = ∠ A             ∴ By AA ~ rule △ ADB ~△ ABC     AB x AB =AC x AD                                   AB 2  = AC x AD  ................(1)            In △ BCD and △ ACB ∠ 2 = ∠ 3 ∠ C = ∠ C           ∴ By AA ~ rule △ BCD ~△ ACB      BC x BC =AC x CD                                  BC 2  = AC x CD  ..............(2)              Adding

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