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Mathematics Lab Manual Class XI | 22 Activities

  Mathematics Lab Manual Class XI

22 lab activities for class 11 with complete observation Tables strictly according to the CBSE syllabus also very useful & helpful for the students and teachers.

General instructions
  • All these activities are strictly according to the CBSE syllabus.
  • Students need to complete atleast 15 activity from the list of 22 activities.
  • Students can make their own selection.

Method of writing the Activities:

While writing the activities on the notebook , students should write according to the following headings

Plane Side of the page 

Side of the Page with lines


Material Required

Diagrams or Activity




Material Required

Theory (If any)



Applications (If any)


Mathematics Lab Manual Class - 11

Chapter-1 Set Theory

Activity-1 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the number of subsets of a given set and verify that if a set has n number of elements, then the total number of subsets is 2n

Activity-2 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo represent set theoretic operations using venn diagrams.

Activity-3 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify distributive law for three non-empty sets A, B and C, that is 

A (B  C) = (AB)(A C)

Chapter-2 relations & functions

Activity-4 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo identify a relation and a function.

Activity-5 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify that for two sets A and B, n(A x B) = pq and the total number of relations from A to B is 2pq, where n(A) = p and n(B) = q

Activity-6 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo distinguish between a relation and  a function.

Chapter-3 trigonometry

Activity-7 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify the relation between the degree measure and the radian measure of an angle.

Activity-8 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the values of sine and cosine functions in second, third and fourth quadrant.

Activity-9 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo prepare a model to illustrate the values of sine and cosine functions for different angles which are multiples of  π/2 and π

Chapter-4 complex numbers

Activity-10 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo interpret geometrically the meaning of  equation  and its integral powers

Chapter-5 linear inequalities

Activity-11 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify that the graph of a given inequality, say. 5x + 4y – 40 < 0  represent only one of the two half planes.

Chapter-6 permutations & combinations

Activity-12 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo find the number of ways in which three cards can be selected from given five cards.

Chapter-7 binomial theorem

Activity-13 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo construct a Pascal’s triangle and to write binomial expansion for a given positive integral exponent.

Chapter-8 sequence & series

Activity-14 : Click Here

Objective: To demonstrate that the Arithmetic mean of two different positive numbers is always greater than the Geometric mean

Chapter-9 straight lines

Activity-15 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo verify that the equation of a line passing through the point of intersection of two lines a1x + b1y + c= 0  and a2x + b2y + c= 0  is of the form  a1x + b1y + c= 0 + λ( a2x + b2y + c= 0)

Chapter-10 conic sections

Activity-16 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo construct different type of conic sections.

Activity-17 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo constructing a parabola by using an alternative method.

Activity-18 : Click Here

ObjectiveTo construct an ellipse when two fixed points are given.

Chapter-11 three dimensional geometry

Activity-19 : Click Here

Objective: To explain the concept of octants by three mutually perpendicular planes in space.

Chapter-12 limits & derivatives

Activity-20 : Click Here

Objective: To find analytically  equation

Chapter-14 probability

Activity-21 : Click Here

Objective: To write the sample space, when a dice is rolled once, twice, thrice....

Activity-22 : Click Here

Objective: To write the sample space, when a coin is tossed once, two times, three times, four times ….. and so on.



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