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Art Integrated Project on Conic Sections

ART INTEGRATED PROJECT  ON CONIC SECTIONS Smiley face which integrate all types of conic sections like Circle, Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola can be made with the help of mathematical equations and GeoGebra. In this Blog we learn the following Different types of conic sections like Circle, Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola. Mathematical equations of different conic sections. Art of drawing the conic sections by using GeoGebra. Giving different colors to different shapes. Integrating all conic sections with the art. Conic sections are the sections of double napped cone. These are mainly of four types Circle, Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola. Each conic section have their mathematical equation as shown below in the figure.

Lesson Plan Math Class 8 (Ch-1) | Square & Square Roots

  E- LESSON PLAN   SUBJECT MATHEMATICS    CLASS- 8 Lesson Plan for CBSE mathematics class 8 Square and Square root, Step by step teaching strategy for mathematics teachers. Perfect lesson plan which makes the teaching learning process perfect E-LESSON PLAN MATHEMATICS CLASS-VIII CHAPTER-1 SQUARE & SQUARE ROOTS RMB DAV CENTENARY PUBLIC SCHOOL NAWANSHAHR NAME OF THE TEACHER DINESH KUMAR CLASS VIII CHAPTER 01 SUBJECT MATHEMATICS TOPIC SQUARE & SQUARE ROOTS  DURATION : 15 Class Meetings PRE- REQUISITE KNOWLEDGE:- General Tables from 2 to 20 Square table from 1 to 30 Cubic table from 1 to 20

Math Assignment Class XII Ch -06 | Application of Derivatives

  Math Assignment  Class XII  Ch - 09   Differential Equations Extra questions of chapter 09 Applications of Derivatives, class XII  with answers and  hints to the difficult questions, strictly according to the CBSE Board . Important and useful math. assignment for the students of class XII

Frayer Model in Mathematics Vocabulary

  Frayer-Model in Mathematics

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