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Dictionary Rank of a Word | Permutations & Combinations

 PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATIONS Rank of the word or Dictionary order of the English words like COMPUTER, COLLEGE, SUCCESS, SOCCER, RAIN, FATHER, etc. Dictionary Rank of a Word Method of finding the Rank (Dictionary Order) of the word  “R A I N” Given word: R A I N Total letters = 4 Letters in alphabetical order: A, I, N, R No. of words formed starting with A = 3! = 6 No. of words formed starting with I = 3! = 6 No. of words formed starting with N = 3! = 6 After N there is R which is required R ----- Required A ---- Required I ---- Required N ---- Required RAIN ----- 1 word   RANK OF THE WORD “R A I N” A….. = 3! = 6 I……. = 3! = 6 N….. = 3! = 6 R…A…I…N = 1 word 6 6 6 1 TOTAL 19 Rank of “R A I N” is 19 Method of finding the Rank (Dictionary Order) of the word  “F A T H E R” Given word is :  "F A T H E R" In alphabetical order: A, E, F, H, R, T Words beginni

Math Assignment Class IX Ch-3 | Coordinate Geometry

Mathematics Assignment  Class 9th  Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry Note:  First of all students should solve the NCERT question and then solvE the following questions 1. What   is Cartesian coordinate system 2. What we call the horizontal line in Cartesian coordinate system. 3. What we call the vertical   line in Cartesian coordinate system. 4. Which point is called the origin and what are its coordinates. 5. What is the point on x – axis. 6. What is the point on y-axis. 7. What do you mean by ordinates. 8. What do you mean by abscissa. 9. Write the coordinates of the points given in the following graph. Also write In which quadrant or on which axis the following points lie. 10. Write the abscissa and ordinate of the following points (-3, 5),     (0, 9),    (-5, 0),     (3,3),    (7, -9),   (12, 13) 11. Write the coordinates of the point : a) Whose ordinate is -5 and which lies on y- axis. b) Which lies on x and y – axes both. c) Whose abscissa is -3 and whi

Math Assignment Class IX Ch-2 | Polynomials

  Maths Assignment Class 9th Chapter 2 Polynomials Important maths assignment questions based on chapter 2 class 9. Extra questions based on the topic Polynomials. Extra questions along with questions of NCERT book complete the topic. Students first revise all the topics from NCERT book and then Solve the examples and then solve the sums of this worksheet.

Math Assignment Class X Ch-7 | Coordinate Geometry

Math Assignment, Class X, Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry Extra questions of chapter 7 class 10 Coordinate Geometry with answer and  hints to the difficult questions. Important and useful math assignment for the students of class 10 For better results Students should learn all the basic points of  Coordinate Geometry  Student should revise N C E R T book thoroughly with examples. Now revise this assignment. This assignment integrate the knowledge of the students. ASSIGNMENT FOR 10 STANDARD COORDINATE GEOMETRY Question 1 Find the distance between the following points:- a) (-6,7) and (-1,-5) Ans [13] b) (a,0) & (0,b) Ans [ ] c) ( +1,1) & (0, ) Ans [ ] d) (a + b, a - b) & (a - b, a + b) Ans [ b] Question 2 Find the distance of the following points from the origin:-  a) (5, -12)     Ans [13] b) (-5, 5)       Ans [5  ] c) (-4, -6)     Ans [2 ] Question 3 Find the value of k for which the following points are collinear: (a) (3,2), (4, k), (5,3)           Ans [5/2] b) (3,5), (m, 6

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