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Dictionary Rank of a Word | Permutations & Combinations

 PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATIONS Rank of the word or Dictionary order of the English words like COMPUTER, COLLEGE, SUCCESS, SOCCER, RAIN, FATHER, etc. Dictionary Rank of a Word Method of finding the Rank (Dictionary Order) of the word  “R A I N” Given word: R A I N Total letters = 4 Letters in alphabetical order: A, I, N, R No. of words formed starting with A = 3! = 6 No. of words formed starting with I = 3! = 6 No. of words formed starting with N = 3! = 6 After N there is R which is required R ----- Required A ---- Required I ---- Required N ---- Required RAIN ----- 1 word   RANK OF THE WORD “R A I N” A….. = 3! = 6 I……. = 3! = 6 N….. = 3! = 6 R…A…I…N = 1 word 6 6 6 1 TOTAL 19 Rank of “R A I N” is 19 Method of finding the Rank (Dictionary Order) of the word  “F A T H E R” Given word is :  "F A T H E R" In alphabetical order: A, E, F, H, R, T Words beginni

Conic Sections /Circle & Parabola/Chapter-11/Class-XI

CONIC SECTION The sections of the double napped right circular cone with the plane are called conic sections. eg:- circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola etc. all are the examples of conic sections. APPLICATIONS:- These curves have wide applications in the field of planetary motion, design of telescope, antenas, reflectors of flash light and automobile headlights. Vertex of the double napped cone separate the cone into two parts each part is called Nappes. α (alpha) is the angle made by the generator with the x-axis. Maths Conic Section Part 1 Class 11 NCERT-cbse mathematics DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONIC SECTIONS:- CIRCLE:-   When β(beta) = 90, then intersection of cone with plane is called circle. ELLIPSE:- When α<β<90 then intersection of plane and cone gives an ellipse. PARABOLA:- When α= β then intersection of plane and cone gives parabola. HYPERBOLA:- When 0<β<α then the intersection of plane and cone gives a hyperbola. Maths Conic

Arithmetic Progression | Chapter 5 Class 10

ARITHMETIC PROGRESSION Class 10 Chapter 5 Class 11 Chapter 9 Sequence and Series   Main Points to be discussed here Definition of Sequence, Series and Progression. Concept of Arithmetic Progression, General AP Sequence, General Term, Sum of n terms in an AP and Arithmetic Mean. Finite and Infinite AP Three terms in AP, Four terms in AP and five terms in an AP. Properties of Arithmetic Mean Sequence : An arrangement of numbers in a definite order according to some rule is called a sequence. The terms of the sequence are denoted by  t 1 , t 2 , t 3 , t 4 , ……….. or a 1 , a 2 , a 3 , a 4 , …………………. Example: 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, ................ Series : If the terms of a sequence are connected by plus (or minus) sign, is called a series. Example: 2 + 4 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 14 + ................ Progression: A sequence following some definite rule is called a progression. Arithmetic Progression A sequence is called arithmetic progression if the difference of a term and i

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Chapter 2 Class 12

INVERSE   TRIGONOMETRIC   FUNCTIONS Maths formulas based on Inverse trigonometric functions chapter 2 class 12, useful and important maths formulas on Inverse Trigonometric Functions Note: Click here to open the  Assignment on Inverse Trigonometric Functions  Chapter 2 Class 12 Before we start the Inverse Trigonometric functions we should know the trigonometric functions class 11 chapter 3 . First of all students should learn all the formulas of trigonometric functions then start this chapter. Inverse Trigonometric Functions CBSE Syllabus For Inverse Trigonometric Functions Chapter 2 Class XII  Definition, range, domain, principal value branch, Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions, Elementary Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions 1.) In this section we discuss about the principal value 2.) Domain, and range of Inverse Trigonometric Functions 3.) Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions. 4.) Graph of Inverse of Trigonometric Functions. ******

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