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Techniques To Make E - Lesson Plan

Techniques To Make E - Lesson Plan For Teachers
Method to write effective e - lesson plan for teachers, Method of making lesson plan in mathematics Effective lesson plan step by step, method to make e lesson plan with hyperlinks.

CBSE Format for Making E-Lesson Plan For the Teachers :

In March, 2021, CBSE issued a "Technology Integration Lesson Plan Template_5Es" This Template  is very useful and helpful to the teachers in making E-Lesson Plan. Teachers can easily use this Template for making E-Lesson Plan. Click Here To download this Template in the word form.

Teaching is the profession which teach all other professions. Students can follow the teaching only if it is interesting, systematic and effective. In order to achieve all these aspects of teaching a teacher should plan what he is going to deliver. Planning made by the teacher to deliver his lesson is called lesson plan.

Lesson Plan
Lesson plan is the planning made by the teacher to  make teaching learning process effective and to  deliver his part in a best and organized way in the class.
  • It is the planning to reduce the confusions in the class.
  • It is the planning to systematically achieve the objective.
  • It is the planning to make the teaching learning process  effective.
  • It is the time bound planning which help us to achieve the objective in time.
  • It is the planning to increase teacher's confidence in the class.
Lesson plans are of many types. There should be a daily planning, weekly planning, monthly planning, topic wise planning or chapter-wise planning. Here we discussed about chapter-wise planning.

👉I think that Lesson Plan do not have  any hard and fast rule. It is flexible and it should be according to the needs and interests of the teachers and students. Every teacher have their own planning and their own steps to follow. So different teachers can follow different steps.

Need of E- lesson plan:-
A teacher need to make E - Lesson Plan because of the following reasons

E- Lesson Plan

It is the planning made by the teacher to systematically deliver their lesson and it contains hyperlinks to the detailed study, images, videos and to the different assessment techniques.

Necessary and Important components of E – lesson plan

Board – ...............
CLASS –..........
SUBJECT- ....................
CHAPTER: ..........  :-  ..........................

1. Topic :

2. Duration :

3.  Pre -Requisite knowledge: 

4. Teaching Aids: 

5. Methodology:

6. Objectives or Learning objectives: 

7. Procedure:

S. No.
Topics and their Explanations

8. Expected outcomes or Learning Outcomes:

 9. Students Deliverable:

10. Integrated Learning: 

11. Assessment:

Explanation of all the above mentioned components

Topic :- 
Here we write lesson number along with the name of the lesson

Duration :- 
Here we write the no. of modules in which the chapter is divided and the number of class meeting that we have taken to complete the lesson.

Pre -Requisite Knowledge :-
 Here we write what previous knowledge that students should have to understand the topic.  We can also apply hyperlinks to the previously typed material, images or videos.

Teaching Aids:-
Here we write all that material which is helpful  during the delivery of the content like Green Board, Chalk,  Duster, Charts, smart board, projector, laptop etc.

 Here we can use Lecture Method, Demonstration Method and also any other method that a teacher want to use.

Objectives or Learning Objectives :-
 Objectives should be according to the syllabus mentioned by the school as well as by the Board. It should be in points so as to understand easily.

Procedure :-
 It is the main part of the lesson plan. Here we explain all the objectives of the lesson one by one according to our text book. Here teacher can write important and necessary key points, definitions and formula's. For complete explanation of the topic teacher can also  hyperlink here the previous typed material , images and videos that he want to be there.

Learning Outcomes :- 
After completing the procedure, we check whether students understand the topic properly or not. If not then follow the procedure again till the students start doing their part as their own. Here we may set some parameters like oral questions  etc.

Students Deliverable :- 
Here we write all that tasks that we think students should do like Preparation of ppt on the topic, presentation, exercise, examples and suggested questions by the teachers.

Extended Learning :- 
Here we provide some suggestions to the students to extend their learning. We can suggest some websites or link of interesting and related videos to the students.

Assessment :- 
Here we write all that techniques on the basis of which we are going to assess the students  like  Oral test, Oral discussion, debate, Class test, Worksheet test, Assignment etc.

Sample Lesson Plan For the teachers

 👉 Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

👉The moderate teacher tells, the good teachers explains, the superior teachers demonstrates, and the great teachers inspires.



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